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Springhurst Terrace Condominium rules and reminders update

SPC residents are reminded that all grills are prohibited from use on all condominium property. Gas and charcoal grills are prohibited due to property insurance requirements and safety issues. We have sent out violation notices to all residents who have grills.

No loitering or smoking in breezeway.

All personal items must stay out of the breezeway and off the exterior of the building. Personal items must be kept to your residence either inside or confined to your patio/deck.

No fences may be used around landscaping. No personal plants may be planted without board approval.  Should you want to change landscaping outside patios,  you may send a request to the SPC board for review.

Please pick up trash around parking lot and breezeway. Do not throw cigarette buds out into grass or breezeway.  This is a safety hazard and makes our community look undesirable.

Residents with pets are required to pick up all pet waste. Animals may not use the breezeway or parking lots to do their business.  Accidents do happen, but we ask that you make sure to clean up after your pet.

Bulk items are prohibited from being left in the trash enclosure area. All trash must be placed inside trash dumpsters.

Please unhook any personal hoses attached to exterior of building. With colder temperatures on the way, residents are asked to remove any attached personal hoses for safety.

-Thank you,

Springhurst Terrace Condominium Board