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New to the Neighborhood

Welcome to The Villages of Springhurst Association, we hope you are enjoying your new home and are settling in quickly and comfortably.

Personal property, including boats, trailers, trucks (in access of one ton), campers, recreational vehicles, shall not be placed or stored at any time in the open on any Lot. These cannot be parked or placed at any time on any unpaved portion of a lot. They may not be parked on any lot or street overnight (12:00 AM to 8:00 AM).

No noxious or offensive activity, disturbance, excessive noise or commotion that would become a nuisance or annoyance to any neighbor is allowed.

Owners are to keep their property in good order and repair.

No clotheslines or temporary structures allowed of any kind, including tent, shack, garage, or shed.

Fences and/or any screening must be approved. There are certain standards and requirements regarding these.

A Satellite Dish (referred to as an antenna) shall either not be visible from the neighboring Lots, streets or common areas or the Antenna shall be disguised to resemble and in fact shall be visually indistinguishable from structures or improvements otherwise allowed in the Community.

Trash, garbage, rubbish or trash cans are not to be stored in the open, but shall be kept secured within the improvements of each Lot. After sunrise they may be placed on any designated day for pick-up at the street curbing for pickup. They must be secured within the improvements prior to sundown of the same day.

No garage sales, rummage sales or moving sales allowed.

Any exterior addition, exterior change or alteration including fence, planting or removal of landscaping, patio, wall, or driveway, must be approved by your Board of Directors. Click here for the Architectural Improvements form.

The rules, regulations and policies are based on the Springhurst Homeowners Indentures. They are designed to foster communication and cooperation as well as to assist homeowners in living together in an interdependent community.


Utilities Information
Electric: Cuivre River- 636-695-4700
Gas: Spire(Formerly Laclede)- 314-621-6960
Sewer: Duckett Creek Sanitary District – 636-441-1244
Duckett Creek Emergency- 636-447-4944
Water: Public Water Supply Dist. No. 2 – 636-561-3737
Trash: City of O’Fallon – 636-272-0477
Recycling – Tuesday
Trash – Friday

Fire and Police
Fire Department: Wentzville Fire District – 636-332-9869
Police: O’Fallon Police Department – 636-240-3200
If you have an emergency call 911

School Information
We are in the Wentzville School District
Elementary: Prairie View
Middle: Frontier
High School: Liberty

Please see the maps below and check out the Wentzville R-IV district page:
Wentzville R-IV:

Pets: Our community is home to many pets. We love animals so much, we even have a Dog Park that is located off Springhurst Parkway, closest to English Ivy. Around our community we have places dog waste stations for your convenience that house disposal bags and trash cans.

Some reminders for dog owners: Please be mindful of your neighbors. Excessive barking and not cleaning up after your dog are two ways to make your fellow neighbors upset. As a reminder the City of O’ Fallon has a leash law and pet waste law. The City of O’Fallon’s leash law requires that pets that are off the owner’s premises be kept on a leash and under the owner’s control at all times. Please keep your pet safe by keeping them on a leash when letting them out and away from you premises. No one wants to lose a pet over a not keeping them on a leash.

Recurring Maintenance Schedule
Here is a list of recurring maintenance items that your assessment fees go towards:

MASTER (Common areas):

  • Cleanout pool dumpster.
  • Change and resupply bags in the dog waste stations.
  • Pick up litter around common grounds.