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The Villages of Springhurst pool opens on Memorial Day weekend every year and closes for the season on Labor Day.

Pool Card Order Form and Rules

Did you know? You can rent the pool out for a party! Contact Pro Pool and/or the Springhurst Lifeguard staff for more information!


◊ Admission to the pool, Bark Park and use of the sports court is limited to Springhurst residents and their guests. A maximum of four (4) guests per household are permitted. Guests wishing to use the pool and Bark Park or the sports court must be in the company of their host/resident, who is responsible for their conduct. *GUESTS may be limited during times of high usage, as determined by the Lifeguards.*

◊ Admission to the pool area will be refused to any person having a contagious disease, an infectious condition, serious illness or related condition.

◊ Admission to the pool and cabana area will be refused to any resident delinquent in the payment of any assessments, fees or fines.

◊ Children under the age of TWELVE (12) must be supervised at all times by a person at least SIXTEEN (16) years of age, with no more than four (4) children under that person’s supervision unless accompanied by a parent. The lifeguard may determine that a child’s supervision is inadequate and require the child to leave the pool and cabana area. In addition, if requested by the lifeguard, any swimmer must pass a swimming test before being allowed in the deep end of the pool. They must demonstrate, during the swimming test, the ability to swim one width of the pool and tread water for at least thirty (30) seconds.

◊ Horseplay, such as running, splashing, rough play, shoving or dunking, is not permitted. Throwing of objects, such as tennis balls, balls or rocks, is not permitted.

◊ Profanity, improper behavior and intoxication by facilities users are not permitted. Excessive noise, including the use of radios, or other audio devices, is not permitted.

◊ No glass items are to be taken into the pool area. Neither food nor drink shall be taken within five (5) feet of the pool edge.

◊ Extension cords are not permitted.

◊ Bicycles and skateboards are not allowed in the pool, Bark Park or on the sports court.

◊ Swimmers who can swim only with the aid of a flotation device must remain in the shallow end of the pool at all times. Non-swimming children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

◊ Loitering in the pool, Bark Park and on the sports court is not permitted.

◊ Only swimming apparel is permitted in the pool. No thong swim wear permitted.

◊ Chairs, lounges and tables are provided primarily for the use of adults. Children using these items should relinquish them when the pool area fills up or when asked by an adult or the lifeguard.

◊ Commencing every hour, on the hour, an adult swim for facilities users EIGHTEEN (18) years of age and older will take place for ten (10) minutes. Children are required to get out of the pool during this period.

◊ Rafts, air mattresses, balls, Frisbees, swim fins, masks, and other swimming accessories are permitted in the pool ONLY during low usage times and at the discretion of the lifeguard.

◊ Pets are not permitted in the pool or on the sports court.

◊ Facilities users are required to dispose of all trash (waste in trash bin, aluminum cans in recycle bin).

◊ Damage to property will not be permitted. Any person who causes damage shall be held personally responsible.

◊ Repeat offenses of any rule will result in the loss of recreational privileges.

◊ Neither the lifeguard, pool management nor the directors assume responsibility for accidents or personal belongings lost or damaged in the pool , Bark Park, or on the sports court. Use of the pool without a Lifeguard present is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

All rules are subject to change without prior notice if conditions so require.

The Springhurst Dog Park is located on Springhurst Parkway across from English Ivy Road. The dog park is open from sunrise to sunset.

As a reminder:

  • Use the park at your own risk.
  • Owners must supervise dogs at all times.
  • Owners must clean up waste.
  • All dogs must have current vaccinations to use the Bark Park.
  • The Bark Park is for Springhurst residents only.

The Springhurst Pond is located along Springhurst Parkway. Catch and release fishing is allowed.

The Springhurst park is located next to the community pool right off the traffic circle on Springhurst Parkway.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Use the park at your own risk.
The park is for Springhurst residents only.

The Springhurst basketball court is located next to the community pool right off the traffic circle on Springhurst Parkway. The court is open from sunrise to sunset.

Use the park at your own risk.

The basketball court is for Springhurst residents only.

The bookshare program or Little Free Library was donated by Amy Florida of Boutique Reality. This book share program is available for ages young to old to enjoy. To learn more about the little free library, check out