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Springhurst Terrace Condos- Rules and Regulations Reminders

Springhurst Terrace Condominium Residents:


Residents are reminded of the SPC rules and regulations in accordance with Section 7.5 of the Declaration of Springhurst Terrace Condominium,
the Board has the authority to adopt and amend reasonable rules.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules as attached below.
Residents are reminded that grills are NOT allowed on patios, decks or in common areas.  As we move forward through the hot summer months, grills pose significant threat to our multi-family buildings. Please be mindful of your fellow neighbor, and keep everyone safe. Most insurance companies will not insure our community because of the large amount of grills.
Other rules and regulations to remember:
  • No personal items shall be stored or kept in breezeways, or outside along buildings.
  • No loitering in breezeways.
  • No smoking in breezeways
  • Outside storage is prohibited.
  • Pets shall not be allowed to roam unattended on or about the common areas. All pets must be restrained on a leash while on any of the common areas. In no event shall a pet be left outside unattended, whether tethered or not.
  • There are open parking spots for all residents to use, these are unmarked and uncovered parking spots. The marked /covered parking spots are for specific residents that own that spot. All open parking spots are for all residents to use and are not assigned. Please utilize your assigned parking spot first, before taking an open parking spot.
Thank you all residents who have been a great example to our community, by following the rules. We appreciate your consideration of property value and your fellow neighbors.

– Springhurst Terrace Condominium Association Board