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Springhurst Terrace Condos- Dog waste and trash

As a reminder, all dog waste must be picked up and disposed of in the trash. We have maintenance on site, trying to complete the column repairs, and they have no place to walk, or set their supplies due to the excessive amount of dog poop. This is unexceptable. We have received numerous complaints regarding dog poop left all over sidewalks, breezeway,  walkways, and bridges. Dogs are not allowed to pee or poop in the breezeway, or on the bridges. Please make sure you walk your dog out to the grass to let them go to the bathroom.
We want to keep everyone’s investment looking its best, but when residents leave excessive dog waste, this brings home value down,and is not welcoming new potential home buyers.
There has also been excessive trash, thrown in the parking lots and common areas. We understand high winds can cause these problems.  In any case, we ask that residents be responsible and respectful of our property,  and clean up any trash you may see outside your unit.
-Springhurst Terrace Condominium Board of Directors