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Springhurst Terrace Condos- 5000-8000 Spring Creek Ln Painting Week of May 4th, 2020

5000- 8000 Spring Creek Ln buildings are scheduled for painting this year by Certa Pro.  Certa Pro will begin with power washing the exterior of the building starting week of May 4th, 2020.

Please be sure to have all personal items removed from the exterior.  All work is weather permitting and could be delayed by a day or two should storms arise.  Please contact our Community Manager, Jessica Goodman, at with any questions or concerns.

We will also be removing the decorative motifs in the roof gables for the buildings 1000- 12000 Spring Creek Lane this year. We will continue with  13000-15000 Spring Creek Lane in 2022, and 3000-6000 Spring River Drive in 2023, following the set in place paint schedule. Over the years these foam decorative motifs have fallen off. The amount to replace them is very high, and since this is not structural to the building, we have chosen to not replace them. It is most cost effective to remove these while CertaPro has the equipment available to access the roof gable. That is why we will be following our painting schedule for removal of these.

Painting Schedule and Information Reminders 

Paint Phases:

Phase 1- 2019: 1000-4000 Spring Creek Lane

Phase 2- 2020: 5000 – 8000 Spring Creek Lane

Phase 3- 2021: 9000-12000 Spring Creek Lane

Phase 4- 2022: 13000-15000 Spring Creek Lane

Phase 5- 2023: 3000-6000 Spring River Drive

After phase 5 is completed, we will start our painting phases over, with phase 1 addressed in 2024.

What is included in Painting Schedule:

Scope of Work for Buildings 1000-15000 Spring Creek Lane and 3000-6000 Spring River Drive at Springhurst Condominiums:
Decorative Peak Ornaments / Decorative Deck Ornaments – One Coat
Window Headers – One Coat
Shutters – One Coat
Front Doors / Deck Storage Doors – One Coat
Front Door Frames / Deck Storage Door Frames – One Coat
Handrail Metal Brackets – One Coat

Standard Prep: Our standard prep includes power washing areas to be painted, hand scraping loose and peeling paint, spot priming bare substrates and caulking previously caulked gaps and cracks where it is failing. Does not include sanding, putty or bondo repairs unless specifically called out in contract. Does not include caulking areas not previously caulked, does not include removing old caulk and does not include caulking areas not being painted.

Owner Responsibilities: Outdoor Furniture, Grills, Decor and Landscaping: The customer is responsible for moving all outdoor furniture, grills and decor. CertaPro Painters can assist in moving items, but customer releases them from all liability, and additional charges will be apply. Customer is also responsible for making sure all areas to be painted are freely accessible, including trimming back trees, shrubs and other vegetation.

Thank you

Condominium Board of Directors