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Springhurst Fall Garage Sale

Greetings Springhurst Residents!

Our Community Fall Garage Sale will be held Saturday, September 12th, at 7am.

A Few Important Reminders:

Kindly refrain from holding individual sales, as it draws additional traffic and pedestrians to our streets. Because of the added inconvenience of navigating through cars and potential safety concerns for all of the extra foot traffic that comes with them, we’d like to limit sales to just the 2 big community-wide sales in the spring and fall. Thanks for your cooperation.

A friendly reminder that sale items and tables must be confined to an owner’s individual Lot and cannot not be displayed on the Association’s common ground, which includes the any of the parking lots, sport court or pool area. We’d like to be courteous to those who don’t participate in the sales so these areas should be left accessible for our neighbors. The Springhurst Terrace Condominium Board welcomes condo residents only to use the vacant parking lots at the front for their garage sales. All residents must clean up after themselves.

A final thought – 2020 has certainly challenged us with some unprecedented changes related to COVID. Please be sure to keep your safety a priority and practice social distancing guidelines during the garage sale.

Stay safe and be well,

Executive Board of Directors